Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tattoo You. Tattoo Me.

   I love art. All forms. my eyes are drawn to certain visual aspects over others, just as everyone else has there individual tastes. I think tattoo 'pieces' are amazing forms of art. Ask me if i have some, and yes i have 7. But they aren't epic. Not masterpieces. Simple mostly. A couple to commemorate my children that I cherish dearly. It always bothered me that i couldn't dream up an awesome piece to show who i was in one picture...

   Until today.

   Im so proud of my mind! I have the idea, I do not know how to put it all together quite yet. But all in due time anyway. Im very excited at the thought of not being bummed over what I've achieved in body art so far. Im hopeful that this will make up for all my flip flopping in my youth! My desired placement i think might be my hip/lower back/side wrap, or as an arm sleeve.
   I don't have much else to say about it, But just wanted to write something to fill the void :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lets Get Cryptic Here for a Moment

   While i wish i could reveal all that Im feeling and going through these days, I cannot. Perhaps one day-but not today.
   Someone has changed my tune recently. I have made friends over the internet before, some have motives-others don't. Some genuine people can often times come out of the woodwork.
    I have made a couple of really decent friendly people on the internet that i can call friends. And i have met yet one more incredible person to be on that list. It's reassuring & refreshing when you realize they are not out for personal gain. When you realize they're not just interested in you merely for deviant reasons.
   Ive learned i can lean on a couple of these internet friends Ive made over time, and i hope they know they can lean on me too. Sometimes when all i can feel is despair and i have no one to talk to-I do. I have them. They are great and I dedicate this post to you. Internet Friends. Perhaps we'll meet in real life someday.
   Thank you for being you!

*Edit:  It's been brought to my attention that Deviant is probably not the word Im looking for. Please fill in the blank.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have Not Been Here

   I have not been here. I haven't come around. My heart is heavy with things i can not write about freely. To protect others. To protect myself.

   Im sad I can't chronicle as freely as i wish. The only thing swirling around my brain at night. It will hurt some. It will heal some.

   In time I will know better who I am. I will feel less heavy and cumbersome with my thoughts.


   In other news, I think I might join the newest gym to open up down the road. I can afford $10 a month! Excited about this. Now watch it not be the $10 promotion when i get here! That would suck.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can't imagine how i glossed over it before. I can't imagine why the thought had never occurred to me before. It was more obvious to a stranger in a couple of messages than in my 30 years of life. I owe myself to find out-or i feel i might set my own children up for failure in the same way. What is it that held me back? It's undeniable at this point and needs addressing.
I'm not scared anymore.