Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Game Has Changed

   In so many ways. Life is never the same. My game has changed, and now have the components and key players.
   A member of the family has left the home. Leaving uncertainty and the unknown. People who go through troubles in life, ask the same thing often..."how much more can I possibly take on?". Will I make it through unscathed? Can the fragile package be delivered safely with no cracks & chips? I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I don't know where my life will settle, the lives of my children & their well being unknown.
   Being strong is no easy task. When you once thought you were, and you're called upon to summon up even more. The task seems daunting. "But have I not been strong all along?" Life's answer is undoubtedly "No."
    I know where i want to be. How to get there is the next question, when Im unsure of even just the roof over our heads. I need the happiest of times to pull me from these depths. For they might consume me if i did not have them.
   Just have to keep reminding myself, it's all for the better, and in the long run things will be fine. Can i make it to the long run? IDK....

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