Saturday, August 21, 2010

Out With The Old

   New behaviors, new attitudes. New Things to come. Do I know what those things are? No. But life is rapidly no longer what it use to be, and trying to figure out its new role has been difficult. Everyone in my home is trying to adjust to the new flow of things. The kids aren't handling current events so well, but eventually we will achieve an even flow. Calm waters.
   School is about to start back up again. Schedules are good for kids. Repetition. It might be a saving grace for the family. I hope they don't lash out at school too much.
   Birthdays are also swiftly approaching. This time of year is dreadful and all mashed up for me. A series of events that span a 3 month time stamp. I get crazy overwhelmed with all projects in this time, and breathe a sigh of relief when the New Year arrives.
    It starts with the kids birthdays in Oct. and with the new babe-an addition for the beginning of Nov. too. I have a baby shower to attend and a Wedding both at the end of Sept. And Early Oct. Then planning for The lovely holidays commences. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I have never cooked a bird myself, but have become the side dish queen for both Turkey day and Christmas. It will be interesting to see how my role changes along with these holidays...
   Its hard to put my feelings to written word when i am unsure of just what my feelings are a lot of the time. I know along with all of this personally-perceived chaos, I have a broken unstable situation. Unsure of how to make it stable again and still accomplish all the goals that are needed to sustain a normal life for my kids. Needing to find a job, and look into going to school so i can do better for my kids.
   Time is flying by, but it doesn't seem that way when nothing in your life is moving as fast as time itself...

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