Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Sunday Ya'll!!

Let me start this one by saying-I got to sleep in till EIGHT AM THIS MORNING!! WOO!!
That's the latest since i had Cheeks (McGee) almost 3 months ago! small wins mean everything to a mom.

Now onto the not-so-small loses...My Saturday turned into something other than the day it is intended for in my house. I got
nothing accomplished that i was suppose to. My family went in all different directions, and i was left for the remainder of the afternoon/night to myself and Cheeks.
It started mid-morning, as i would have normally gotten myself out the door. My 5yr old was invited to a birthday sleepover with her favorite cousin. Then my lovely sister-in-law (yes i call her
SIL, because O.M. and i have been together for 9 yrs-Common Law, Common Law!) calls us up and invites O.M. and Elijah out to Pats Peak (sp?) for snowboarding/tubing/skiing all in one! At Night!
So by afternoon,
I'm scrambling to get two kids ready to go in two different directions, rather than heading off to do my errands. I don't like to be rushed. I will admit I had a small hour i could have tried to get my errands done, but i wouldn't have made it and I'm glad I didn't try. Everyone in my home was gone by 1:30p and it was just Marlo & I.
We didn't do a damn thing but hang!
So now my Lazy Sunday has been shifted into a busy day. Jalynn isn't here, so breakfast is out-especially since i don't have any fresh fruit. O.M. and i spoke about how we could do a FULL-ON breakfast with all the works with the ingredients in the cupboards, but as of (*looks @ clock*) 8:53-all he's done is make a cup of coffee...looks like no bacon, or sausage, or pecan sticky buns...the only thing we are really missing is the O.J. & fresh fruit...(those breakfast items we do have are because we are highly fond of breakfast for dinner!)

Besides, Elijah is
still sleeping anyway, & Jalynn obviously isn't home yet either-the boys are both going to be very sore today...(HA!)

I guess i could leave you with a recipe of one of my go-to meals found at the ModernMatriarch's food blog-Chop.Stir.Mix. Its an Egg/Breakfast Bake, that i have modified in many a different ways from her original recipe...but do it how you like it! Enjoy!


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