Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Love filled Sunday

   And by Love filled, I mean Food. HA!

   You of coarse will remember that we do our Traditional Sunday Morning Breakfast any chance we get. But today was a Hallmark Valentines day. So besides sweet treats, we also indulged in some unusual entrees today. I wont lie, I hate cooking, but I LOVE food :) and I'm often consumed by food blogs, and food porn. And by food porn, I mean my favorite food pic/recipe finding site, FoodGawker. (go on and find the handy little link over on the right of the screen if you've never experienced the food porn that is FoodGawker-and by all means, if you know of another great site that's similar-drop me a comment :)
   After brunch today our late lunch came courtesy of the Noble Pig. Baked Eggs in Bread Bowls. Except I don't have the money for fancy herbs and stuff, so I skipped on them. Instead my egg bowls went something like this: Local grocer's bakery onion poppy dinner rolls, lined with a piece of deli ham. Then I cracked my eggs into a bowl one at a time, just so I didn't accidentally have to fish out a stray shell.  Here is the part i forgot about-but meant to do-a few drops of cream in each from the original recipe-but mine were fine w/o anyway. On top of the egg, a grind of sea salt & pepper, and some paprika! A sprinkling of Parmesan & whatever other shredded you have and bake according to original recipe. At the end when you add the tops back to the baking sheet, i tossed on a half a slice of pepper jack on the Old Man's & Mine :) Mmmm...
   Dinner, well a family favorite in our house happens to be tacos.  But ya know-as much as i love them, i wanted to do it different. So because it's a "Holiday" we're switching things up and we are gonna do it Nacho Style! Some tasty tortilla chips loaded with taco seasoned hamburger, re-fried beans, tomato's, lettuce, olives, avocado, sour cream, jalapenos, cheese..I cant wait-I gotta go start the cooking now folks!

   I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday like I did!

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