Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Up-Are You?

What-you might ask, am i doing up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning blogging for? HAHA, the life of a mom! at least this one anyway! Truth of the matter is that ive actually been up since SIX thirty! (on a Saturday morning!)
Had this been a little over a year ago, i would most likely still be snoozing...because i had the life of a mom who's kids were self sufficient enough to pour their own Cinnamon Toast Crunch...but im a fool, and decided to go ahead and have that 3rd baby-(i wanted to keep hidden in my loins forever)...and here i sit!
Im barely 3 months out on the two years it's going to take to recover from having another baby. (thanks Hormones! *SQUEE*) But, DAMN am i so relieved to have my body back! now if we can work on that pesky sleep...

So, like the subtitle says, how about a bit of random? Because im not the sort to stick to one subject...

Today is my "Do-It-All" day....(im the super woman of this gig, ya know) I opt out of shopping with my kids thanks. sure they can behave in public, im pretty sure anyway-see cuz i dont ever go in a store with them unless it cant be avoided! So when the Old Man (O.M.) ( & by Old Man, i really mean my dear wretched fiance Travis-9yrs) is finally home on Saturday, i do it all-Groceries, Walmart shopping, and any other lame thing that i need to take care of that i have to wait to be free of the kids. Or that Ive put off all week (cough-Laundry, cough cough, dishes...)
Look-they are lucky they get a hot cooked meal. (60% of the time) Im in Survival mode here!
The World might end if i can't get to the grocery store on a Saturday. At least that's what my kids think. So when the Old Man works on the weekends, you can bet this day is rather tricky to pull off! And the groceries must be done on Saturday, because the bags must contain the ingredients for our...

"Sunday Morning Breakfast"

The one morning meal we can ALL be together for (usually-sometimes O.M. picks up extra work on BOTH weekend days-he's a glutton for punishment) It's my favorite day. Sunday. Day of rest. I do NOTHING if i can help it besides this breakfast! Generally consisting of a bakery item, fresh fruit, sausage, with juice & coffee....AH lazy day...
Then I follow it up with a nice Lazy Monday! LOL! I HATE Mondays! If i can help it-i plan nothing but the kids getting to school on this day too :)

...and because Ive been single-handedly taking care of the lovelies this morning, little Marlo is already set to take her first nap at 8:30am, while O.M. is still sleeping...

Here's hoping you all enjoy your weekend. Cheers :)



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