Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Car Seat

   Im very sad to say-Travis is returning to work. Sad mostly for my infant-and having to spend her days in her car seat. I wish we didnt have to get in and out of the car so often everyday.
   On a slow day it's 4 times we get in and out of the car. 5.Days.A.Week. this does not include any extra appointments, or trips to stores...or even visiting around town to say, friends and family! That's just school drop offs and pick-ups! I cant wait till warmer weather and we can walk more often. I'll wear her then. In my baby carriers. Until then, I'm working on my arm muscles!
   So, as i mentioned-Travis going back to work. He spent the majority of February, and the first week of March-here at home. This has never happened in all the years he has worked for his current boss. So it was odd to say the least. But cool at the same time. We could each come and go as we pleased-knowing that someone was there to sit with the baby so she didnt have to bundle up for a measly insignificant trip. Taking turns getting the kids to and from school. It was nice sharing the duties.
   But now im back on my own again! The daily grind. Is it spring yet?!

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