Saturday, March 13, 2010

To the Anti-Babywearer

   **Copied & edited to fit blog perimeter from a comment i left on a forum i frequent**

   All a new mom wants to do is snuggle with her baby all day long. But the realities of life and its demands require that we function in life and leave our cozy nests.
   With the aid of any carrier deemed safe for a newborn-it allows us to snuggle our newborns all day long and still get the things done in life we need to get done.
   Addressing concerns of creating a clingy child: As the child grows, each child's clingy-ness is it own, and part of their personality. Not something the carrier enforced. And if you have a child that is active-you will start to see a decrease in the amount of time the child will let you "wear" him/her. If you child likes to be close, and the mother is willing-then a safe carrier can accommodate until toddler-hood.
   Whether you "Wear" you child or not-you will never escape the "Up" phase a lot of children go through.

   WIN/WIN in my book if you ask me :)

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